FOODIE system design is primarily for office workers and students to improve their eating experience in the workplace while reducing the waste of takeaway packaging. The system includes a portable lunch box that comes up with multiple containers, cutlery, and temperature retention. The second part of the system is a food delivery service that allows workers to get delicious food with less waste every day.
Delivery food is more popular than ever and more common and frequent. Introducing reusable packaging makes sense in a world already drowning in single-use plastic.
“A 2018 international study by company Unilever reveals that 33% of consumers are now choosing to buy from brands they believe are doing social or environmental good. There are 53% of shoppers in the UK and 78% in the US say they feel better when they buy products that are sustainably produced. Also, people feel pressure from their family, friends and even their children to buy greener, more socially responsible products .”  (Unilever)
How to use foodie?
step 1: download FOODIE app
step 2. buy FOODIE lunchbox
step 3. subscription our service
step 4. order food through FOODIE app
step 5. food delivery
step 6. return lunchbox back by next time

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